God in Eden instituted two wonderful institutions that should be upheld by man, Marriage and the Sabbath. God gave a commission to man regarding marriage, He said “go into the world be fruitful, multiply and subdue the whole Earth. With this commission came sex, which is the only process human procreation was made possible. God not only made SEX a means of procreation but also bestowed a certain degree of pleasure to it. God wanted man to feel at eas This joy is a lesser joy God felt during and after creation of all things. God declared he found favor and satisfaction in all things he created. God felt this joy before the fall of Man.
e and also to understand always that he alone is the creator of all Man-kind. God wanted man to have a strong joy whenever he engages himself in the act of procreation.
                Sex was not given to man without conditions. Adam and Eve becoming the first married couple on Earth (a wonderful marriage God himself was the priest) earned the right to partake in this gift through marriage. We see Marriage before sex in Eden, a perfect example for us to emulate.
                Sex should not be taken casually. It is a thing of the mind, physical and spiritual states. God designed and gave this gift only to married couples, they alone has the right to enjoy this gift. Why married couples alone? What maybe the reason? Psychologically, sex affects the mind set. It destroys rather than keep in unity relationships that are not joined in marriage. The truth is no healthy relationship exists for unmarried couples once Sex is involved. Girls are always at the receiving end of the line. Guys tend to see a girl who gives in to their advances as irresponsible. They will not tell the girl since they still cherishes the unhealthy sex. The mindset is totally changed and evil slowly creeps into such minds. No wonder we can proudly say that fornication is not only a sin against God but against oneself. No girl retains any degree of pride once she gives up herself and no man will look upon such girl as responsible. This is not a lie for in our societies there are many who carry bad names because of their lifestyle. Such people lose their voice in the society and their sins are quickly pointed out when they become provocative.
                Sex was given to man as a binding glue, to bind husbands and wives more tightly. Used on the wrong surface (unmarried couples) it destroys not only our physical and mind states but also our relationship with our creator. Sex involves exchange of body fluids, this seemingly non reasonable process secures the woman into the husband. Jesus said what we view as two individuals (husband and wife) are in fact one flesh. God made it so married couple will become one from the beginning just like our first parents.
                The music and film industries have presented Sex as simple, casual and with no meaning. My friend once told me of his willingness to pay for a girl’s transportation from a far away city to my city just to have Sex with her. A few days ago before he told me this he was asking me for monetary help. Now with a small amount in his pocket he sought to disobey God with the strongest of a willing heart. He told me this without any shame, maybe he thought I will applaud him for such evil act he dimed normal. His statement is rampant within our male folks who in their selfishness forgot God will one day judge us all. Girls either knows of our selfishness or they are ignorant. Allowing a guy to have sex with you does not show he cares, in fact it shows how wicked he is. Not only did he soil your body but also caused you to transgress God’s beautiful law of love.
                Jesus wanted us to see how evil fornication is when he illustrated to his listeners a mere desiring look on a woman is in fact fornication. Why? Because Sex before marriage before God is too horrible that even the lowest in the Angelic heir achy abhors the presence of such. Satan is ever tricky and knows how horrible a wrong appreciation of sex is before God. He chose to arouse lust in men through today’s fashion in the part of ladies. Remember a lustful look is a sin, this sin many commit including you and I each day. Ladies walk half naked in the streets causing us men to lust after them. Paul said any who will cause their brother to sin will receive a greater punishment. When you chose what you where ladies be careful it does not cause your brother to lust after you. As he is deviating from Christ’s wish, you are already doomed for causing such deviation. Satan knows if he can cause the women to dress seductively not only will the men sin through lust but rape will become rampant. Many complain of rape when in fact they opened the door through their mode of dressing.
The Holy Spirit does not dwell in a heart that is filthy, He excuses himself from such heart since he is holy. Once He leaves, the ever willing Satan will instruct his falling Angels to take control of such a person, thus making it tougher for a rethink. Don’t give in to the pleasures of the flesh but be more attuned with God then and certain Satan will flee.
                The ills of Sex before marriage are huge, the guilt that heaps on one once the act is over is much, much than one who is yet to indulge in such evil will comprehend. A friend told me of how he pushed a girl he happily welcomed into his house a few minutes ago out of his house after he had sex with her. The guilt was too much” he told me. He regretted inviting the girl over to his house. At that instant a healthy friendly relationship was quashed because of misuse sex. In my mind I wondered how the girl who from all ramifications was the one that lost greatly must have felt. Imagine the extent of guilt she must have felt. Regrets and hatred must have clouded her mind.
                We are carnal and more prone to sin but God made provisions for us. He provided a way for us to learn more about Satan and his evil schemes. He also provided a way for us to learn of his love and promises. The scripture is the only way to learn effectively all that we need to resist the Devil. Not only did he make his words available to us, he also gave us a strong connection with him. A life of prayer will always maintain unshaken connection with God. Let’s ponder together! What would have happened if my friend knelt in prayer when the temptation became strong? The mere sight of a bended knee would not only cause Satan to flee but a sense of guilt would have clouded the girl, bringing her out from the mouth of Satan’s snare. He would have been a conqueror that day.
                One thing about sex outside marriage is its ability to trigger other sins. Sex outside marriage is a chain reaction sin. It always leaves its ugly mark no matter what we do to clean it. David is a perfect Example. Neglecting his role as a king was taking what should have been a pleasant evening walk on the roof f his palace. Meanwhile the host of Israel was busy fighting in battle. David as the king should have been among his men but he chose not to.  First David neglected his duty and then he was idle. An idle man is a good work place for the Devil. Many a times we find out sex outside marriage is often between idle minds. You can never be busy and at the same look towards sex. If only David was at the battlefield he would have avoided the coming temptation. Avoiding sex must first start by engaging self with work or sport whenever the body begins drifting away. Prayer and the Bible is another sure way of getting closer to God and his heavenly will.
                David saw Bathsheba who belonged to another man. Immediately the whisper of the evil one came creeping into his mind. Bathsheba naked body caused the King to keep staring at her. David forgot he was instituted by God to rule over the land of Israel. He called her into his chamber and committed adultery.
                Then came the next sin as the chain begins to unravel. David caused Uriah’s murder in other to protect his image when he found out Bathsheba was pregnant. How many of our young girls have committed abortion, killing that which they cannot create. First David committed adultery, to cover up his sin he became a murderer.
                David’s lustful look which gave him in to murder brought judgment on his head. “The sword will not depart from thy house” prophet Nathan told him. David’s episode should be a lesson to us all. Though David’s sins were forgiving he still served his punishment, this is because sexual sin is not only a sin against God but a sin against our body.
                We must learn to present our body to God a holy living sacrifice. “Don’t you know your body is the temple of God”? Create in me a new heart and renew thy Spirit within me, this should be our constant prayer. Pray always for God’s Spirit to dwell within us. we should always remember the sin of sex outside marriage is too dangerous to meddle in. it is a temptation from Satan and it can come to any. What can separate? Us from the love of God” Paul asked.
 like David’s punishment many are living with STDS though they have repented. Repenting might not take away your punishment for we transgressed our bodies also. What about the unwanted pregnancies, it is much more better we keep away from the misused of God’s gifts.
                What about the married ones who leave their spouses for another, are they among? Our illustration using David is a screen that educates the married ones, they are not exempted. Both David and Bathsheba were married. Paul said if you cannot hold thy self then marry. He strongly advocated this when educating young Timothy.
                This same friend of mine trying to justify his wrong doing said” how can I get married to a girl without first sleeping with her? How can I know she is not barren? A courtship that builds itself around sex breaks easily. Men will tell ladies to sleep with them in other to see if they are not barren. Ladies beware for Satan walketh around looking for whom to devour. God gives children. It is not of the couples but of God’s power to bless. Men are quick to convince but very slow to keep promises, take heed ladies.
                Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your father who is in heaven. How can we lead men to God when our acts point to a different road. Many say the Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak yet they forgot a life in God is stronger than the strongest rock, resisting the strongest and strangest of temptations.
                Some say for one to effectively work for God he must be single. No! For the Bible did not affirm to this. Peter was married yet he was an effective apostle. Get married to avoid a misuse of this gift. Being single does not make one more righteous than those that are married. Remember God created them man and woman.
                A life of Prayer defeats all temptations. What then will it profit you to gain wrongful pleasures and destroy your spiritual and physical life? Enjoy sex the way the creator made it, enjoy it with your husband and wife for it was ordained for you married ones. Sex should portray God’s love.