Who is this Jesus? Did he live among us? These and many more questions are asked daily about this figure. I decided to research on a podium of unbias. I took my time to search all given proof that he Jesus once existed, in fact his existence is not a topic for debate. Who is this Jesus? This is a question many had sought to answer for many ages. And now I will try to answer this same question and hopefully it will sooth your longing taste for a good answer.


Had it been there is no proof of his life, it would be harder for Christians to believe in Christ. Missionary Christian works will never spring and life would either be in darkness or in the mercy of science. Human character will be vile because the base of assessment for every man, Religion or believe seems to be Christianity. Many religions seek to reconcile Christianity and their believes, they look frantically through the pages of the Bible for proof of what they Believe. You may not agree with me on this but it is the truth.
Back to Jesus, there are many Historical proofs of his existence. These proofs strain from Ancient historians to ancient documents. Tacitus, the Roman historian in his “Annals” (chapter 15, Paragraph 44), says the Christians derived their name and origin from one Christ, who in the reign of Tiberius had suffered death by the sentence of procurator, Pontius Pilate”. Another proof comes from Pliny the younger, he had this to say in his “Epistles” (X,96), he refers to Christians of Bithynia as followers of  followers of one Christ, who bind themselves with an oath not to enter into any wickedness, nor commit thefts, robberies, or commit adulteries, or falsify their word, or repudiate trusts committed to them.”
Josephus, a Jewish historian who was born a few years after the birth of Christ may not have said a word about Jesus but he noticed the works of Christ’s cousin, John the Baptist. Like many Jews of his time he feared coming out openly to approve Christ’s works.
We will not forget the Bible in itself is historical and surely will be used to proof the existence of one Jesus the Christ. The four gospels gave short expository works on Christ’s life, this works are authentic in terms of history. Only two of the writers of the Gospels are actual followers or Disciples of Christ, the other two probably heard what they wrote down from sources who knew Christ. The amazing thing here is this; even though the four gospels were written in different periods and locations they still carried one voice, the Christians believe it was the Spirit of God which caused the cohesion of the four gospels.
Luke a non-Jewish Doctor wrote his work between A.D. 50 and 60. His work is pure historical, a narration of a live and its dealings. Luke wrote in classical Jewish-Greek style adding taste and flexibility to his work. He aimed his work towards the gentiles, preferably the Greeks of his time, but his work is still fresh and very much resounding than when he wrote.
Mark the other non-disciple who wrote about Christ was a convert. It is believed he was Peter’s interpreter and once an attendant of Paul. Mark must have learned of Christ from Peter, it is believed Peter told him the stories of Jesus but not in orderly manner. It took the moving of the spirit for such writing as Mark’s to manifest, it came better than it would have been if Mark wrote without the Spirit’s help, even if Peter helped.
John and Matthew both knew Jesus in person; they sat with him, ate with him and slept beside him. You must know these two men wrote their works in different times and locations, both writing styles were inspired to suit a given audience. John is believed to have written his work long after the fall of Jerusalem and after the deaths of his fellow disciples.


We learn of Christ’s birth from what these four great writers wrote. The story of Christ’s birth is one almost everybody knows. Jesus was born during the reign of Emperor Augustus Ceaser and Cyrenus the governor of Syria. His birth still perplexed many, how can one be born without copulation? Christ defiled this natural law, this is the beginning of more perplexing facts regarding Christ. No human can undergo this impossible process, in fact his mother Mary needed comforting before swallowing the news of the pending birth. Is Jesus just a human? Can someone be born without the union of the sperm and Ovary?
We know his father Joseph saw this as an impossible one, he moved to break his engagement with Mary but was stopped by a being greater then we. 


Some say Christ was a teacher, some say Philosopher, others a prophet, and the most held believe; he was God incarnate. Now we must go to what these writers say of Christ. These four writers had either known him personally or heard of him from people who broke bread with him. They will open our eyes to what this great Icon claimed to be, they alone know best of who Jesus the Christ was.
The Muslims claim there is not a place Christ openly claimed divinity or should we say, claimed to be God’s son in the writings of this four men. What events recorded by these men presented Christ as not one of us apart from his miraculous birth? Now to the four great historical writers who devoted time in getting the biography of the greatest being to ever walk this earth on paper, what did they say Jesus the Christ is?

John in his writing, John 10:29-30 “My Father which gave them me is greater than all: and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand, I and my Father are one. The Muslims wants a specific proof of Christ claim of divinity, this passage is enough to clarify their question. Look at verse 33 of that chapter; (33) “The people to whom he spoke immediately went about to stone him for the sin of blasphemy that a mere man will claim to be God.” What proof is more clearer than this, John recorded this event to show the people clearly understood Jesus’ claim of divinity but are hardened. They refused to accept Christ’s divinity but their ears heard and their brain understood the words of Christ, hence verse 33 became important to show us what happened next.
John reported in chapter 8: 56-58 of his writing that Christ claimed to have lived before his earthly manifestation. His account clearly quoted Christ words and the immediate reaction of his listeners. “Your father Abraham rejoiced to see my day: and he saw it and was glad…… Verily, verily, I say unto you, before Abraham was, I am.” John said the people marveled, “this brat is not up to 50 years” they asked, how can father Abraham had seen his day? It was this questions which prompted Christ to make his claim more clearer, before Abraham I am. Imagine a mere man claiming to be thousands of years old, who is that old if not God.
Another thing I must not over look is the believe God’s words can never fail. It is only God who speaks and nothing, I repeat, and nothing will come between the fulfillment of those words. Jesus the Christ claimed likewise, he said his words will never fail even if Heaven and earth  passes away. Again Christ claims divinity, how can a mere man say such a thing, in fact he is supposed to be stoned for blasphemy. Or should we say he never blasphemed but is divine. Mathew couldn’t miss these words in his recordings in Mathew 24:35 “ Heavens and earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away.
Omnipresence is the character of God, this is not an issue of debate, no man is omnipresent. Whoever doubts Christ claimed to be God when he walked this earth is simply lying to himself. Mathew didn’t miss this; Jesus doing his last days on earth sort to comfort his followers. Mathew sat among the others looking at the master’s lips, his mind wondered of. He pondered on the hardship before them, the rejection, hatred and the meanness of the Jews. He was not alone on this mind voyage, the others joined him. Jesus knew he must comfort them, he knew they needed hope so he said this words “lo, I am with you always even unto the end of the world.” Mathew must have smiled when he heard those words, he did not forget them till the day he breathed his last.
Who is without sin but God? Who has lived on this plain, tempted but yet did not sin? Is it possible to live 33 years on earth with no single lie, hatred, grudges, lust, wickedness or any other sin no matter how small? It is God who can only accomplish such task. John told of an event where Christ challenged his enemies to proof him a sinner. John 8:46 “which of convinceth me of sin? In fact he challenged them to poof he has ever sinned, remember in the event Christ claimed to be without sin. What did his enemies do? John said they moped at him, none opened his mouth to speak.
Who can forgive sin but God. No man can and will ever can forgive sin, whoever claims otherwise is a liar or he is God. Mathew 9:2 recorded another event of proof, “son be of good cheers thy sins are forgiven thee.” Jesus hid not the fact he is God incarnate but he in so many ways claimed divinity.
IS CHRIST A MAN? The best place to get a good answer is still from the men who wrote about his life in the gospel. No, Christ is not a man but a man at a certain time. This must be conflicting or should I say confusing, how can Christ be a God and also a man? Remember, in The Hebrew holy book (The Old Testament)  a decree of a messiah to come was made. I will give you the opportunity to search the scriptures yourself, read Isaiah 61:1-3, Isaiah 45:21, Isaiah 45:22, Micah 5:2. These are but few of the prophecies about Christ life that came to pass. What I want you to understand is this; these prophecies agree the messiah will be a man and also a God and a Savior. The people of old Israel looked forward to the coming of this God-man being, a messiah to free them from their burdens. The mistake they made was putting their earthly needs ahead of their heavenly needs, in their surge for freedom from Roman rule (earthly) they forget their most needed freedom from Satan’s hold.
They looked upon Christ as a man, they see nothing special about him except his miracles but in those times of amazement like the centurion overseeing Christ’s execution, they find themselves exclaiming “ this is truly the son of God. They forget to search the scripture where prophet Isaiah prophesied that Christ will be both human and divine. Isaiah 9:6 “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government will be upon his shoulder. And his name shall be called wonderful, counselor, mighty God. The want of material gain clouded the minds of the Jews of his time they failed to digest the simple words of Isaiah, Christ though man is God’s incarnate….a mighty God.
Isaiah also knew the presence of Christ on earth simply means God is with us, Read Isaiah 7:4. Christ was called a man not only by those who were far from him but by his own apostles. Remember Isaiah in his prophesies clearly stated that Christ is God but became man on earth. Why must he become man? I seek to make this write top as concise as can be but the more I seek to stop the more I see the need to write more. I will break this issue into two, the next part will look into the Prophecies of his birth and why he became man.
The story of Christ is one I cannot capture completely, a lot is written about him and a lot of misconception of him abounds.
Watch out for the second part of this discuss. You can send your questions to nzenwatachisom@yahoomail.com

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