( is this true?)
2014 years ago Jesus came and Died for all our
sins opening the door of salvation. This door is
open to all who seek a new life in Christ. Every
christain believes in this free gift of salvation
and we are all striving to be its partakers. All
over the world there is a misconception about
how and what this gift is all about.
God created us in such a way we decide our
actions. From Eden, though created perfectly, the
negative aspect of choice were exercised by our
first Mother and Father. We can't remove this
power of choice or free will from our being for
it is part of our making.

The problem of salvation today is simply many a
false doctrines that roams around this wonderful
gift of love. Many or majority of Christains
believe that once one repents( accepts Jesus) he
is saved for ever. This notion came because of a
wrongfull assesment of the Bible. The death of
Jesus simply nullified the vigourous sacrificial
system of the old, giving us a simplified system.
In the old, once a man who just presented a
sacrificail lamb for his cleansing returns in his
sinful ways, it becomes necessary for him to
repeat the procedure of his cleansing again. In
Jesus we find a more simplified medium of
reconnecting with God once we sin.
The misconception is that once we turn a
christain there is no more going back, no matter
how we sin we are still heaven bound but is this
true? Okay lets take an example, a pastor who
steals....is he safe from eternal death because he
at one time gave his life to Christ(accepted
Jesus)? Does it mean that once he accepts Jesus
its all over no matter what?
Clergy men and priests alike has been preaching
this fallacy. The law is crucified they will preach,
then should we all continue in sin? Is stealing
not in the law? Infact this is a topic for next
time, we will see that the law crucified was quite
different from the law of Exodus 20(10
Hope you are understanding where am going?
Once saved, forever saved is a wrong doctrine
that will cause many to miss heaven. Jesus paid
the price of death but he wants us to decide by
ourselves if its our wish to join him in heaven.
This decision simply means keeping the
commandments of God. Jesus said if you love
me keep my commandment, what
commandment was he talking about? Till heaven
and earth pass away not an iota of what the
prophets said will perish. What where the
prophets of old saying? Keep the
commandments of God they cry out always and
this commandment was the one Jesus gave to
Moses on Mount Saina.

We can never be saved if we don't keep God's
commandments no matter how we profess our
faith in Jesus. Jesus said that many who calls him
Lord, Lord won't be saved on that day, why will
it be so? We are all expected to live a worthy
life fit for a christain and that life is to keep
God's 10 commandments, all of them without
exception. James said we are guilty of all if we
fail to keep one of them James 2:10.
Let's see some biblical proves that shows Heaven
is for those who keeps God's commandments(ri
ghteous) and not for those who believe in Jesus
without keepin God's commandments, infact I
don't think is possible for one to whole
heartedly believe in Jesus and yet fail to keep
God's commandments. If there is, let the person
re-check his believe in Christ Jesus.
1 cor 6:9,10 "Know ye not that the unrighteous
shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not
deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor
adulterers, . . . nor thieves, nor covetous, nor
drunkards . . . shall inherit the kingdom of
God." The story found in Matthew 18:21-35,
revolves around the forgiveness of God. A
certain king respondedto the pleas of his servant
and forgave him a large debt. That servant went
out and found a fellow servant who owed him a
small amount and showed no mercy, throwing
him in prison because he could not pay. When
the king heard what had happened, he rescinded
his cancellation of the large debt and had his
servant thrown to the tormentors till he paid in
No one can deny the obvious teaching of
thisparable. Even though God graciously
forgives those who apply for it, that forgiveness
is not without conditions for the future. We can
lose that forgiveness by being unmerciful to
others. This is in harmony with the words of the
Lord in Ezekiel 33:13 ,"When I shall say to the
righteous, that he shall surely live; if he trust to
his own righteousness, and commit iniquity, all
his righteousness shall not be remembered;
but for his iniquity that he hath committed, he
shall die for it." The principle is repeated in
verse 18, "When the righteous turneth from his
righteousness, and committeth iniquity, he shall
even die thereby."
Grace only comes when we utilizes the power of
prayer, when we pray for our forgiveness.
Hebrews tells us that Jesus is serving as our high
priest in heaven interceeding for us. Let us strife
to pray for forgviness just as Jesus prayed.

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