God answers prayer..Am a witness to this awesome fact. Have you been in a delima before? To be more straight, have you encountered an Everest in your daily dealings? Have you been in a situation where Death seems the best solution? Or to disappear entirely from earth as the best option? In our present life we meet situations that seems insurmountable, but the good news is there is hope for a surrendering heart. Do you know that there is always help from a master in a every situation? The happy part of it all is that he is ever ready to extend his mighty hand to help any who seek it. Yes I know you will ask, PRAYER remains the best and most efficient means of getting this wonderful help. Are you amazed on how simple your plight can be lifted? Don't be, our God is a loving one and our pains he feels. He wants us to be happy always. Now you see why he gave us a sure way for help whenever we think is over...So why not pay him a visit by kneeling down now and pray with me.. Father thank you for the gift of prayer, forgive me my sins and strengthen my path to thee. Answer my prayer always, for you are my only helper. Thank you Jesus for answered prayer. Wow what a relief, don't hesitate to ask him for help. He loves you and will always help you.

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