Some doubt the authenticity. Some believe that Science remains the ultimate definition of life, its factors and interactions. Do you know that science is in fact one of the bases of the Bible. God proved the Bible true by showing us he created the Earth, thus he knows all its rudiments and interaction by giving us scientific backups in the Bible...

1) HYDROLOGICAL CYCLE: It took science till the 60th BC for them to understand the process of RAINFALL. One Engineer Marcus was the first to put forth the Hydrological cycle theory, but the Bible has in fact proved this 150 years before Marcus found out.
Amos 9:6'' He that calleth the waters for the sea and poureth them out upon the face of the Earth. The Lord is his name

2) OCEAN PATH AND CURRENT: The father of Oceanography Maury couldn't have claimed he discovered Ocean path and Current through experiment. In fact he said it was his son who read the book of Psalms 8:8".....whatever passes along the paths of the sea when he was on a sick bed that inspired him to search more on that prospect. This Happened in the 1800; yet 1000 years ago David discovered it first

3)VALLEYS IN SEAS: IN THE ANCIENT world it was thought that the floor of the seas and oceans were smooth; flat and sandy. In the 19th century, expeditions where carried out by scientists to know what lays in the bottom of the deep. And they found out that valleys(valley) are in oceans and seas. The Marianas trench, which is the deepest valley
in a body of water can swallow the highest peak on Earth, mount Everest and still have some miles unfilled. Job knew all this all along, Job 38:16 again proved scientists as imposters

4) EARTH OVER NOTHING:It was thought in the old that the Earth was placed on top of an object. The Greeks once believed that the God Atlas was carrying the Earth on its shoulder. Some said it was on top of an Elephant, some Turtle and some Cat fish, even the great Aristotle failed to understand the position of Earth. Job26:7 ''He hangeth the Earth upon nothing''
5) THE NORTH POLE: In the 18th century no one new about the North poles. The story of blocked ice water would have generated laughter in minds of the then scientists. It was untill the 19th century that Men sought for more lands to form colonies that led to the discovery of the coldest region of the Earth. Surprisingly Job knew about it all along. Did he travel to the North pole. Remember no adequate ship was in store as of 3000 years ago. This shows that God inspired him. Job 38:30'' The waters are hid as with stones, and the face of the deep is frozen''

6) AIR HAS WEIGHT: It is believed that the wind was weightless until the 14 century when Evangelista Mathmathica proved that Air has weight. To scientists a new idea has been born but unknown to them that Evangelista was merely repeating what Job said. Job 28:25 '' to make the weight for the winds and he weigheth the waters by measure''.

7) STARS CAN'T BE NUMBERED: Kepler and Coppernicus both great scientists in their ignorance thought the Stars can be numbered, in fact they proposed definite numbers for the stars Numerical value. It was until the advent of the Telescope that Galileo proposed the uncountable number of the stars. Yet again the Bible knew before hand that the stars are uncountable. Genesis 15:22 Abraham failed to number the stars, thus proving this. Jeremiah 33:22'' the host of heaven is innumerable.

8) BLOOD IS LIFE: You can agree with me that blood remains the Life factor of every Human. No Blood No Life and that is a medical fact. George Washington died because of abominable act of blood letting. This showed the ignorance of the Medical practitioners of the 17th century. Had they read the Bible! Washington would have been a little much older. Leviticus 17:11'' for the life of a creature is in his blood. Wow the Bible is ever edifying for those who seek Knowledge

9)THE WONDERS OF ORION AND PLEIADES: In Constellation Scientists believe the two stars or Constellation are special. Job knew this before scientist could develop a suitable instrument to carry out research on Constellations

10) DINOSAURS: Fossils have been discovered almost frequently. The remains of this ancient animals are always unbelievable gigantic. Do you know that the Bible itself clearified this scientific fossil as true? in  Job 41, Job described a sea animal called LEVIATHAN, its description didn't fit any animal presently living on Earth; not even living around 8BC. The animal Job described has a fearsome description that not even a Whale can be compared to it in size.

 We can now all see that the Bible still remains a true inspired book. Ask your self, how did these Bibilical characters know about this hidden scientific facts! Remember there were no good equipments for proper researches and experiments then. God knows his creation and he simply made it known to his Children. More on this will be coming soon.

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